My journey with running my own business began with Chloe & Isabel. I became a Chloe & Isabel merchandiser in the fall of 2014. It was a leap of faith and once of those no-idea-what-to-expect kind of adventures. (Those are always the best kind!)

I had just wrapped up graduate school in May 2014, gotten married in June 2014, and was finding that I needed something to propel my creative energy into. I fell in love with the bead + chain wrap bracelets, and the rest is history.

Sometimes life throws you opportunities and you have 2 options:

  • say 'yes, and'

  • turn and walk away

(okay, I know most decisions are never that simple but, hey, sometimes they are!)

In this case, I said 'yes, and'. ('yes, and' is my husbands life motto and a phrase based on improv comedy. To learn more about saying 'yes, and' in leadership and life, check him out here.)

Side note: I know people get all weird and prickly feeling when you hear someone sells something. I get that. I get weird and prickly feeling talking about it still sometimes. One of my resolutions is to take myself and my business more seriously so here I am, telling you about it.

My adventure changed me and brought me leadership skills that I would not have gotten in my career in higher education.

With Chloe & Isabel, I learned every day what it means to run a business. I led a team of over 100 incredible women who continue to inspire me every single day. They're the real MVP's.

After 4 years though, I started really reflecting.

Chloe & Isabel will always be a part of my story.
Beautycounter is my future.
And I am so excited.

Join me.


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