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Celebrating 2 years with #candibymandi

Celebrating 2 years with #candibymandi

written in October 2016

It doesn’t feel like October since it was 95 and glorious yesterday. It snuck up on me, this C+I anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve been a Chloe + Isabel merchandiser for 2 years already.

Last October, I wrote about how you could support my little business. All of those are still true. You can read about them here. This year, though, I want to write about how this journey has come to mean even more to me through my incredible team.

I took a risk last winter and applied to be an MM (merchandiser manager) within Chloe + Isabel. I felt ready to move up in the company as well as lead my own team. After 8 weeks of amazing training complete with values, mission statements, self-reflection, and community building… The Movement was born in June 2016. We are a group of women founded on the following values: community, support, adventure, and risk-taking. The team I try to foster each day is one in which we cheer each other on and are there for the downs as much as we are the ups. We’re all about selfies, laughing together, being our real authentic selves and showcasing that through our own individual businesses. It’s pretty remarkable.

We have never met and we are a relatively new team but we are a family.

That is what this community has give me since day one, a whole new network of women who just ‘get it’ on a different level than other groups I’m a part of. We all needed this outlet and joined C+I for different reasons but together we are running our own businesses and dreaming big every day.

Cheers to the two most amazing two years and to many more. And to the gals of The Movement, keep on being YOU.

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Celebrating 1 Year with my #CandiFamily

Celebrating 1 Year with my #CandiFamily

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