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5 Reasons I Love My Passion Planner

5 Reasons I Love My Passion Planner

written in February 2016

Passion Planner: One of my Favorite Things

I’ve spent a lot of years searching for the perfect planner. I’ve tried it all. I tried writing each day out in a blank notebook, I spent way too much money on an Erin Condren planner in college, I bought multiple planners from Target/Barnes & Noble…I even tried going digital and just using my calendar on my phone (that lasted the shortest – I’ll always be a paper planner gal). I always felt like something was missing; each system I tried left me wanting something more but I wasn’t sure what that was.


Sooo, if you’re on Instagram you’ve probably seen me post pictures of my planner. I even tried to win a contest (#ChaseYourPassionPlanner) – Colin took photos of me and my planner up north in Washington State over Thanksgiving. (I didn’t win but had a blast showing off my planner anyways)

Below are 5 (of many) of my reasons for loving my Passion Planner. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about it more – I know how important a great planner is! 

1. Stretchy-Strap Closure A strap is key for me, because I tend to cram lots into my planner: invites, pictures, notes, lists, letters, etc. The stretchy strap lets me stuff this planner full and not worry about things falling out.

2. Passion Roadmap The beginning of the planner starts with a place to chart out where you are headed and what you want to accomplish. I love the passion roadmap and it has helped me to set goals that are achievable within certain time frames. The passion road map guides you through filling it out and helps you decide what you want to focus on and I’ve loved that.



3. Monthly Reflection There are questions at the end of each month: space for you to reflect on how your month went, what you want to improve on, how you’re doing at reaching your goals. I love the space and the opportunity to check in with myself and my passion roadmap.

4. Space for Lists/Notes There is room each week for making lists/jotting down notes. I find myself sticking lots of post-its inside for more space to write. I have the smaller passion planner this year, last year I had the full size one. I like the smaller one because it fits in all my purses but there is not as much space for writing out lists (thank you post-its) .

5. Durable The cover of the passion planner protects the pages really well – no bent corners from being jammed in and out of my bag a million times a day!

If you do decide to get one, and want to put my email in that I referred you – that’d be cool! If not, that’s cool too! 

Thanks for reading! #SpreadLove #PassionPlanner
What planner do you use? Who else still uses a paper planner? Have you tried Passion Planner?

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