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Advent Calendar for Men

Advent Calendar for Men

Sometimes it isn’t always easy to buy for the men in our lives. I hope these simple ideas help get your wheels turning. For the last few years I have made my husband an advent calendar. It has evolved from little notes each day in December to this shoe-hanger-turned-gift-giver. Below is a list of some of the items that I have included in his calendar in the past.

Some general tips:

  • Check Groupon - they have a great day ideas at super discounted prices.

  • Get creative with Amazon prime. You can order quite a few little stocking stuffer’s and not have to pay shipping.

  • I have good luck at our local CVS or Walgreens for snacks and little gifts.

  • Investing in gift sets such as Counterman go a long way (divide it up and you can knock out 4 days of gifts!)

  • It helps if you pick items up throughout the year so that you don’t have to scramble at the end of the year.

Ongoing list of items that I’ve added to Colin’s before:

  1. Inspirational rock

  2. Reasons I love you

  3. Date night ideas

  4. Registered for a 5k

  5. Registered for an adventure run

  6. Favorite candy

  7. Beef jerky

  8. Go cart racing

  9. A tie

  10. A Christmas ornament

  11. A picture framed for office

  12. A wallet sized picture of your pet

  13. A love verse for by the bed

  14. Throwback photo from when you first started dating

  15. Kids or pet handprint/paw print

  16. Old movie

  17. Personalized glass coke bottle

  18. One of those giant long phone cord’s

  19. Movie tickets

  20. Tuesday night farmers market date night

  21. Cheesy coupon book

  22. Mistletoe

  23. Coffee mug

  24. Luggage tag

  25. Fitness socks

  26. Dress socks

  27. Funny socks

  28. Car wash

  29. Car air freshener

  30. Stitch fix month

  31. Qalo ring

  32. Headphones

  33. Water bottle

  34. Headlamp

  35. Beard oil

  36. Beard balm

  37. Counterman Gift Set

  38. Skincare

  39. Boxers

  40. Wallet

  41. Fidget spinner

  42. BBQ sauce

  43. Hot sauce

  44. Coffee

  45. Paperweight

  46. Portable speaker

  47. Pop socket

  48. Essential oils (my husband loves the travel roll on ones!)

  49. Pocket knife tool

  50. Playing cards

  51. Jacks

  52. Travel sized board game

  53. Cufflinks

  54. Bike repair kit

  55. Gear tie

  56. Chopsabers

  57. Candle

  58. Map pillowcase

  59. Adventure map

  60. A planner

What are some of your favorite items to put in his stocking or advent calendar? If you make one, be sure and let me know - I’d love to hear all about it!

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