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Introducing #FitForSevens

Introducing #FitForSevens

I am always spending time in December thinking about my resolutions, most specially, my fitness resolutions. I always have a list a mile long of fitness endeavors that I hope to accomplish.

Just to name a few for 2019:

  • unassisted pull-ups

  • run the year with the #FresnoSoleSisters

  • handstand pushups

  • toes-to-bar

…but then I started thinking… what about all of the kinds of fitness that I haven’t tried? Or that I love, but that I don’t make as much time for in my schedule anymore becuase I’m so focused on Crossfit and running?

I am passionate about sharing my love for fitness with others.

I am passionate about helping others to see that there is a kind of fitness out there for them. There are so many ways to move your body and so many ways that we often forget about.

I am taking on a challenge for 2019 (and perhaps, beyond!) to try a different fitness endeavor or sport each week of the year. I want to hear from you about what you think I should try and I’ll be sharing my experience and progress along the way through Instagram, videos, and blog posts.

You can also search #fitforsevens on Instagram to learn throughout the year about what I’ve been trying.

Week 1: Weighted Vest Fitness

Week 1: Weighted Vest Fitness

Advent Calendar for Men

Advent Calendar for Men