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Week 1: Weighted Vest Fitness

Week 1: Weighted Vest Fitness

For the first week of 2019, I tackled Weighted Vest Fitness. My journey wearing a 20 lb weight vest was exciting, I felt super badass wearing it.

A few things I learned:

  • Carrying around extra weight really impacts how hard you have to work to get your body to do the same things that you would do without the weight

  • When you google ‘weighted vest fitness’ all of the resources that come up are specifically for men. UGH. #notsurprised

Things I wish I knew going into it:

  • You need to use your arms a lot more to get your body to MOVE (I found this to be important in both running and step ups

  • My mile that I ran was a LOT slower than my miles usually

Why you should try it:

  • It’s fun and gives you so taste of what those in professions where they have to carry a lot of extra weight (military, fire fighters, etc.) feels like

  • A few Crossfit workouts list wearing a weight vest. Although you don’t have to, it’s fun to have experienced what that feels like before attempting one of those workouts

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The Best Scarf Ever

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Introducing #FitForSevens

Introducing #FitForSevens