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The Best Scarf Ever

The Best Scarf Ever

You know those purchases you make when you’re like, this is kind of a lot to spend on [_______] but I think it’ll be worth it?

And you kind of kick yourself for spending that much but you do it anyways?

That was me and this scarf.

Who spends $50 on a scarf?

The Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf is worth every single penny.

I don’t even have Lulu leggings because of the price tag but about 5 years ago, I splurged on a Vinyasa Scarf. I saw it in person in a store and was blown away by all of the ways that it could be worn and I thought it would be perfect for traveling. (You know, the too hot or too cold airplane climates).

I will never ever travel without one now and I wear it seriously all the time (traveling or at home).

It’s soft.

It has snaps.

It can be worn a zillion ways.

It washes up so great.

You can even get it on Amazon.

I now have it in two colors - a dark version and a lighter version - and I’m so so so obsessed.

Treat yourself, especially if you have a big trip coming up.

Do you have a Vinyasa Scarf? Do you have another item that you can’t travel without? I want to hear about it!

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