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Week 6: The Bar Method

Week 6: The Bar Method

Ohmygosh - I loved The Bar Method. Everything about it!

It was different, energizing, challenging and exciting. In my opinion, Bar Method felt like a combination between yoga and dance. You make small movements and hold positions (think plank, squats, and more) for crazy long amounts of time. It is a class format and the instructor makes it really fun.

One of the craziest things: I didn’t really get sweaty! And I usually start sweating right away in workouts.

You’re moving around a lot and doing a LOT of shaking. Like, seriously, so much shaking. My heart rate was definitely elevated but if you are someone who does not like to sweat, this might be a good workout for you!

Things to know:

  • You don’t wear shoes which is fun! You wear socks with grip on the bottom. My friend Jackie let me borrow a pair of hers, otherwise they do sell them at the studio.

  • You do not need to bring anything other than water and your socks. They have lockers for your stuff.

  • THE STUDIO IS BEAUTIFUL. Seriously just wanted to hang out there all day.

  • Shaking is normal. Breathing helps.

I can see why people love The Bar Method - I am sad the week is over. I’ll totally be back. Be sure to see if there is a studio near you and drop in and try a class!

Yep, I tidied-up too.

Yep, I tidied-up too.