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I asked 100 runners to share with me one piece of advice that they’d like to give to new runners and this is what they said.

I asked 100 runners to share with me one piece of advice that they’d like to give to new runners and this is what they said.

I decided to tackle week 5 of #fitforsevens a little bit differently than other weeks by bringing other runners along in this process with me.

I asked 100 runners of all ages and abilities to share with me one piece of advice that they’d like to give to new runners and here is what they said. (The boldest ones are my favorites!)

  1. Slow down.

  2. Go to a running store and get fitted for the right shoes. Makes a huge difference.

  3. No matter how slow you go, you're still doing it!

  4. Put in some good tunes and put one foot in front of another.

  5. It takes times, but you will see you get better each time you do it.

  6. Get shoes that fit! Go to a running specialty store.

  7. Start really slow. It's better to run slowly for 1/4 mile than sprint 50 yards!

  8. Don't decide that you don't like running until you've been doing it consistently for 4-6 weeks. It's likely going to suck in the beginning, because you have to get in good running shape.

  9. Find a healthy balance that works for you! Don't get caught up in miles or time.

  10. When it feels good, go longer. When it doesn't, give yourself the rest your body needs.

  11. Start slow! It's ok to walk.

  12. And always eat something before going on a run, 2 hours prior the run.

  13. And if you plan on sticking to it, invest in GOOD shoes

  14. Put deodorant on your inner thighs to prevent chaffing!

  15. Get a flip belt or other running belt to bring water, your phone, and keys.

  16. Also, good socks make all the difference.

  17. Shoes are everything!

  18. What works for someone else may not work for you.

  19. The wrong shoes can set you up for injury and derail your running. I speak from experience!

  20. If you’re training, remember: it’s a pace, not a race.

  21. You don’t have to be the fastest person out there. You’re doing it and that’s amazing enough.

  22. GET FITTED SHOES!! They may be expensive but these are so important to keep from creating any injuries or bad running habits.

  23. Go at your own pace, don't rush the process because everyone is different.

  24. Push yourself distance or speed wise when you feel ready to, you will get to the speed or distance you want but it takes time and determination.

  25. Everyone started from no where so you are not alone.

  26. My best advice for new runners is to break things down. If a mile seems unattainable at first, try running using intervals (1 minute, 3 minutes, etc). If your goal is a bit loftier (5k) but that still seems scary, try running a mile, and then walking for a minute. If all else fails, start at the top of a hill and run’s always easier to learn to run downhill than up. But always remember, to just run the mile you’re in! 😊

  27. It doesn't matter how fast, slow, whatever your pace is just keep going. You are you.

  28. Slow down! So many people hate running because they think the need to be going a certain speed. But really, you should find a pace that feels comfortable to you - where you could easily hold a conversation. This will help you build slowly and prevent injury, but also increase confidence and help you find that runners high!

  29. Listen to your body.

  30. Don’t feel bad if you need to slow down your pace, or even walk. You are still logging the distance with your feet.

  31. You aren’t gaining if you’re constantly out of breath or doubled over in pain.

  32. Start slow and low! Walking miles to start gets you moving and you realize that running isn’t a big deal. Then, you start by running a little bit farther each time. It’s amazing how quickly a 400yd run becomes 4 miles when you just keep going.

  33. It’s okay to walk!

  34. Don’t push it, everyone I know who pushed instead of learning to enjoy it, quit.

  35. Start slow, don’t get discouraged. No shame in a 12 minute mile.

  36. Slow down. Often when people are starting to run they imagine that they need to be sprinting which is not true!

  37. Ease in, avoid injury and make it a lifelong habit!

  38. Lacing up your shoes and just getting out the door is often the hardest part.

  39. You can do it.

  40. Do you!

  41. Don’t run your race based on anyone else.

  42. Trust the process!

  43. Find a plan and stick to it as much as possible but be okay with adapting it a little.

  44. Trust the process.

  45. You will make progress even when you feel like your legs are concrete weights.

  46. You are getting stronger everyday.

  47. Consistency is most definitely key!

  48. 1 mile is better than no miles. Just get out there.

  49. Stick with your plan and you will see great progress!

  50. You are never too old, too fat, or too out of shape to start a new habit!

  51. Don’t compare yourself to anyone other than who you were last week.

  52. Every achievement, no matter how small, is another step away from the old you!

  53. Don’t compare your distances or paces to anyone but yourself.

  54. Believe.

  55. Just keep going.

  56. It’s hard at first.

  57. Get good shoes fitted at an actual running store.

  58. Starting out is the hardest. Whether it is your first month as a new runner or the first mile of a run, make it over that and it gets so much better.

  59. Never compare your journey with others - you don’t share the same shoes.

  60. Surround yourself with a positive and encouraging running tribe - we get through it together.

  61. Jedi mind-trick yourself by saying “I can run 1 mile” and say that at every mile marker you pass until, before you know it, you’ve completed 26 and some change!

  62. You really can do it.

  63. I know you think you’re too busy but you’re not. Just go for a run.

  64. Get new shoes. Brand new.

  65. Get fitted for GOOD shoes.

  66. Find a good playlist.

  67. Listen to this playlist created by badass women in Mandi’s #sweatytearsofjoy Facebook group!!

  68. Buy a foam roller.

  69. Find tunes to jam to.

  70. Strengthen your hips (I’m a physical therapist). Running alone isn’t enough to support running. Hip strengthening will not only make you more successful but will help you avoid injury.

  71. Get fitted for good shoes with a professional.

  72. Strength train with your running.

  73. Listen to audio books or podcasts.

  74. Don’t try to talk on the phone and run at the same time. No one wants to hear your heavy breathing.

  75. Believe in yourself.

  76. The best is yet to come.

  77. Foam roll. Even when you think you don’t need to.

  78. Run the mile that you are in.

  79. You have time for what you make time for. RUN.

  80. The first mile always SUCKS.

  81. Sign up for a race that you think is out of your league.

  82. Make new friends.

  83. Have fun with it!

  84. Run in cool places.

  85. Celebrate every little thing that you body does for you!!

  86. STRETCH.

  87. It’s okay to walk.

  88. Listen to your body - before during and after every run.

  89. Jam out to good music, it helps the miles go by.

  90. Join a running group.

  91. Don’t trust the first mile.

  92. Dream bigger and sign up for another race.

  93. Join some fun Facebook groups with other runners.

  94. Participate in #runchat on Twitter.

  95. There is always time in your day for a run.

  96. Find a friend and run together.

  97. Get a dog!!!! They make the best running buddies.

  98. It’s supposed to be fun.

  99. Do a Disney run.

  100. Take risks and run in places you didn’t think you ever would - like on trails.

Such great advice, right!? I loved reading what all of these runners had to share. If you were someone who shared a piece of advice, thank you!!! It seemed that the major themes that emerged from this advice was the following:

  1. Get good shoes.

  2. Believe in yourself.

  3. Go slow.

Here is my reflection in on my running journey through this weeks #fitforsevens experience:

Thank you to everyone who contributed pieces of advice! You’re all the best!

Special thanks to:

Yep, I tidied-up too.

Yep, I tidied-up too.

Always running late? Setting your Apple Watch's clock ahead may help!

Always running late? Setting your Apple Watch's clock ahead may help!